-Artist Story-

“I love to live cheerfully and feel joy from the beauty in the world.
I will be very pleased if my jewelry brings you a lot of excitements in your life.”

Having worked for an IT venture company for few years, she decided to travel around the world to search the inspiration for her brand.


First, she traveled around Europe with her bike, then went to India. While taking yoga teacher’s training course, the exotic Indian culture had allured her, and she discovered Indian astrology and its gem prescription, Jyotish, and witnessed that Indians wore gems as lucky charm. Then she has realized that gems have not only beauty, but also some impacts on people’s life.


She decided to start her own jewelry brand and studied about gem stones and jewelry making in India. The jewelry brand, “Megumi Haruna”, was established upon her return to Japan, and the concept of the design comes from flowers,
Indian mythologies, planets, and constellations.

Unordinarily, in Megumi’s jewelry making process, the design comes first, then the shape the gem comes second to fit a gem into the design to create unique pieces.

“I wanted to design jewelries beyond the boundaries of the standard shapes of the gem stones.”

For the perfect finish, the jewelries are hand-made by a craftsman who was awarded by the Japanese Emperor. These pieces possess the distinct qualities and passions that can only come from the human hand. All the Jewelries are made in Japan with 18K gold and precious and semi-precious stones.

Megumi’s policy is to use a various colors of the gems as the life becomes colorful with the use of colors.